Cohabitations: Studies o Beasts, Plants and Objects. Opening at Harlem Studio, Decembre 13


Curated by: Raffaele Bedarida

“Leone Contini Bonacossi has provoked, composed, and documented germinations of seeds and tubers in artificial contexts, desperate rituals of resurrection in the Whole Food era. American Baroque is an installation at the first floor, where Contini’s pale germinations grow in a former ice-house. The red light and the artificial sound of nature (composed by Lorenzo Brusci) create an overlapping between different evocations: Christian relics, Adonic cults and metropolitan evocations of a idealized nature/natural life.My Ancestors – Columbus Circle is a photographic tryptic: healthy sprouts that are sold at Columbus circle as modern elixir of life, are shown here as small holy pictures. Wheat Seeds Germinating Inside two Jazz-Trumpet Cases Lined with Blue and Red Velvet, Found in the Garbage a Few Days Ago Right Here in Harlem, is a reference to the Mediterranean association of germinating cereals to the Resurrection of Christ. The reflection developed here is on the popular imagery of the Harlem Renaissance.”

Raffaele Bedarida, New York 2007



2 Responses to “Cohabitations: Studies o Beasts, Plants and Objects. Opening at Harlem Studio, Decembre 13”

  1. Leone Contini Says:

    I want to make clear that utilising blood in my studies is not referred to an horror/pop dimension.
    On the contrary I’m interested in the metonymical relation betwen the vegetal substance and the human flesh, wich is part of an archetype of the human civilisations (at least of those civilizations based on grain growing), from the point of view of identity as well as religion. In my opinion this consubstantiality survives in the contemporary mith of the organic food, and more generally in the obsession about food, wich is really part of the contemporary daily life, especially in the rich, western countries, exactly as the rituals were part of the ancient and pre-modern daily life. In my opinion at the core of this incredibly strong and resistant ideology there is the hope of an eternal youth and, more generally, the hope to be able to defeat death.

  2. Leone Contini Says:

    for other info about the exhibition please see:

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